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August 2019 General Meeting

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General Meeting August 2019


July 2019 General Meeting

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General Meeting July 2019

June 2019 General Meeting

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General Meeting June 2019

May 2019 General Meeting

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General Meeting May 2019

April 2019 General Meeting

Northeast South Dakota Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 1054 General Meeting Minutes

Meeting of 18 April 2019
Meeting called to order by: Phil Braeger
Prayer and pledge conducted.
Welcomed distinguished guests and visitors.  Dennis Brenden, and Gary Stoltz
Roll call of officers taken.  Officers present were:
Officers                          Office                                  Present

Jack Kempter President

Phil Braeger VP

Daryl Berning 2nd VP

Don Zafft Chaplain

Bob Frink Treasurer

Sherry Janssen Secretary

The VP gave us an update on our President Jack Kempter.  We wish him well. Several thank you cards were read.

 Secretary read minutes of last meeting.  Approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Grant possibly received for $4300 TransCanada?  Balance: $99,964.67.

Gave a breakdown of income and expenses.  Provided a screen shot of 2019 budget.  We are currently on track to what was budgeted.  Report approved.

Pictures were shown of the Scholarship awards.  Congratulations!

Committee reports:

By Laws – motion made to the modified by laws.  Passed.  No discussion required as members had 3 months to make comments.

Membership – 568, including AVVA.  New members introduced tonight will put the VVA membership over 500 members.

Wash DC – $500 needed to hold spot for the trip.  There will be an organizational meeting this summer.  The first fundraiser will be the pigeon race.  Cost is $20.00.  Pick your # with Kay and possibly win a $100!

Ford Ride & Drive – 6/15 at Montgomery Furnitures.
6/8 will also be handing out flags.
Elk Hunt tickets are basically sold now.

Honor guard – Denny said 2 funerals done.  May 4th is the Izaak Walton League convention of which we will provide honor guard.  Floyd said Milbank did not have any funerals.  Also mentioned a pistol course is available for concealed weapon carry.

Seeking to form a committee to update addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

Committee members include Earl Cass, Bob Frink, Dennis Solberg, Don Zafft, Doug Modica and Sherry Janssen.  Floyd and Kay also volunteered.

VVA National Convention 7/15 – 20th  in Spokane, WA .  We are authorized 10 delegates.

Warriors Never Give up fishing trip in June.  Sign up sheet is available.  8 places have been reserved.  Must have a fishing license.

Welcome Home Veterans display at the Library was successful and appreciated.

Memorial Day – Denny gave appreciation to those who helped place flags last year.  Motion made to purchase 2000 flags to be placed on the graves at all of the surrounding cemeteries.  Other organizations have donated to the cost of the flags. Volunteers needed to place the flags the weekend before Memorial Day.  Motion passed.

President:  Jack Kempter
VP: Phil Braeger
2nd Vice:  Darrell Berning
Secretary:  Mary Modica
Treasurer:  Bob Frink
Chaplain (appointed):  Don Zafft
Board Members:  Glenn Folk, Dean Halajain, Ed Timm

VP administered the Oath of Office to the new members.

50/50   $333.00/$169.00    ($69 donated back)

77 members present

Motion made to give President Jack a $100 gas card.




March 2019 General Meeting

NESDVVA Chapter 1054 General Meeting Minutes

For Meeting of March 21, 2019

Meeting called to order by: Jack Kempter
Prayer and pledge conducted.
Welcomed distinguished guests and visitors.   __Greg Whitrock_
Roll call of officers taken.  Officers present were:
Officers                      Office                        Present            Excused

Jack Kempter President

Phil Braeger VP

Daryl Berning 2nd VP

Don Zaft Chaplain

Bob Frink Treasurer

Sherry Janssen Secretary

Minutes of the Last meeting were read by Earl Cass and approved!

Treasurers Report:  Treasurer provided breakdown of income and expenses. Taxes have been filed. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Account Balances on Mar 1, 2019


 $    7.342.65


 $  81,893.51

Credit Card

 $     -231.03


 $ 89,005.13          

President introduced State Veterans Director, Greg Whitrock.  He provided an update on the bills passed by the legislators at this years session.  These include:

  1. 12 month residence for instate – so they can use GI Bill.
  2. Open enrollment related to property taxes (will not have to reapply every year).
  3. Abuse and neglect for military personnel.
  4. Professional license for military stationed in South Dakota.
  5. Revised pheasant hunt for veterans.
  6. Discussed funds for all active duty (bonuses) who were returning from active duty.
  7. State nursing home in Hot Springs is now a 78 bed nursing home.  Veteran home celebrating 130 years in September.
  8. Bill regarding USS Submarine (South Dakota).
  9. South Dakota Cemetary in Sioux Falls will be known as South Dakota State Cemetary.  The design and contractor is from SD.  Will break ground in the fall.  Will be seeking a number of items for facility.  You can pre-register in fall for burial at cemetary.  There will be a large Garrison flag on the high hill which will be seen from most all roads coming in.

President Jack expressed his thanks for all the cards, calls and visits while he was gone.

Budget committee presented proposed 2019 budget.  Budget motion passed.

Ride & Drive Ford fundraiser will be June 15 at Montgomery furniture.  Need help.  Bring family and friends to test drive vehicles.

Contact your legislators and congressmen when you hear about something being passed that doesn’t make sense.  i.e. getting rid of Chaplains.

For veterans wanting to start a business, there will be a meeting in Sioux Falls, April 23.

There will be a Vietnam Veteran’s Welcome Home program March 29 at the VA Hospital.

Fargo, ND is also hosting a Welcome Home celebration.

Update of Washington, DC trip which will be Sep 28 – Oct 4 (Sat – Thurs).  Buses and hotel has been set up.  The cost is $1200 – $1300.  Need suggestions for fundraising.

Glacial Lakes Pigeon Assoc offered to sell numbers on a board regarding when pigeons would return following a release  200 miles away on Memorial Day.  Both groups could sell tickets.

By Law Committee report.  The new by laws have been written in line to national.  We will be voting on them in April.  They can be changed only once per year.  Need 50% of usual members in attendance to vote on new by laws.

Randy reported on the Elk Hunt raffle.  Request anyone holding unsold tickets to turn them in.

Honor Guard report.  Watertown did 2 funerals.  Milbank had no funerals but participated in the Corona parade.

Scholarship report.  2 Air Force and 2 Army scholarships will be presented April 15 @ 2PM in Brookings.

General announcement:  Need more members to step up and run for office.  We also need a person to take pictures.  Also need a Historian.

State Veterans Council meeting.  We are chartered into the State.  The State Fair booth will be manned with shorter hours Aug 29 – Sep 3.  Need volunteers.

Our Quartermasters are looking for ideas on new items to sell, i.e. t-shirts, hats, etc.  We now have chapter challenge coins which sell for $3.

Meeting adjorned,
50/50  $355  -  $175  Winner donated $100 back.
81 members present

February, 2019 General Meeting

Northeast South Dakota Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 1054

General Meeting Minutes

February 21, 2019
Meeting called to order by Phil Braeger
Prayer and pledge conducted.
Welcomed distinguished guests and visitors.
Roll call of officers taken.  Officers present were:
Officers                 Office                Present
Jack Kempter          President               ☐
Phil Braeger            VP                         
Daryl Berning          2nd VP                   
Don Zaft                 Chaplain                ☒
Bob Frink                Treasurer               
Sherry Janssen        Secretary              

Secretary’s report was read and approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Balances: Checking $5268.73 Savings $77,286.51 for total $82,255.44 Report was presented using projection screen.  It was well accepted by the membership. Report approved.

Committee reports:

Membership:  Denny reported on membership at 492.

Honor guard:  Performed 2 funerals.

Phil reported that the SD Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs will not be speaking at this meeting but next month.

A video was shown on the Million Veterans Program.  A research project which involves donating a blood sample for genetic research in finding cures and tailoring medicines.

Randy turned in $800 for elk tickets.  Have two more opportunities to sell tickets at the gun show and the home show.  Expects most tickets to be sold.  Needs help at those shows.

Ford Drive date will be set for June.  Not to conflict with Flag day.

VVA challenge coins are now available for $3.00 each.

Update on the Wash DC trip in Sept.  Possibly a Saturday thru a Thursday.  Also looking at taking a charter flight.  Discussion was held on possible fund raising.  Denny will chair.

Kay Solberg announced that the Welcome home Vietnam Veterans is March 30th.  We can have a display at the library.  Please come up with ideas.

Warriers Never Give Up will be having 3 fishing trips.  There will be an online sign up.

Red Wilke, who sponsors the rodeos during the fairs, will speak next month.  He honors veterans during his shows.

Dr Likness discussed the difference between the Honor Flights and our Chapter 1054 flight. The Midwest honor flight is basically for World War 2 veterans and is a crash visit of one day.  They are trying to put together a Vietnam Veteran trip as well, outside of ours.

The Summit League tournament is coming up.  Last year we presented colors.  Denny said he has a request in to participate again.  Need volunteers.  It is 9 March in Sioux Falls.

Milbank DAV is having a raffle. Help them out – $10.00

Browns Valley Legion is having their first Pow Wow.  Have invited us to join them.  More info to follow.

For the good of the order:  Need more members!

Sickness and distress:  Phil’s son in Denver has cancer.  Jack is in swing bed.  Mike Anderson is doing good.  Keep them in your prayers.

50/50 $214/$107 – won by Dr Likness who donated it to the trip.

54 members

(Home Show 3/3&4)


January 2019 General Meeting

General Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2019
Meeting called to order by: Phil Braeger
Prayer and pledge conducted.
Welcomed distinguished guests and visitors.   ________________________________
Roll call of officers taken.  Officers present were:

Officers                             Office                                         Present

Jack Kempter President

Phil Braeger VP

Darrell Berning 2nd VP

Don Zaft Chaplain

Bob Frink Treasurer

Sherry Janssen Secretary

Secretary read minutes of last meeting.

Treasurer gave report of income and expenses. Current checking is $5,465.28  and savings is $ 71,486.51 .

Bob also gave a good report on which items have a large impact on our budget.  Our donations equal about 1/3 of our income.  We are hoping to have the report via projection for all to see by the next meeting. Report was approved.

Phil reported on the condition of the Chapter president, Jack.  Please keep him in your prayers.

There is a retirement party for Dr Likness on 24 January at the Event Center 5-7 PM.

Robo calls will set up by the next meeting.

Randy introduced Dave Shaffer, Hamlin County Veteran’s Service Officer.  He extended a big

Thank you for the holiday gift cards from the recipients and himself.

Membership report – 563 total members. (lost 2 lifetime members)

Don Zaft reports the by-laws are on the web for review.

No finance/budget report.

Election committee.  Is Denny going to head up the committee??

Eagle award committee:  Darrell asked for volunteers.  Jerry, Herb and Darrell will meet and form the ‘Above and Beyond’ committee.  Asked members to feel free to nominate others.

Randy reported that we have about 700 elk hunt tickets left to sell.  800 tickets have already been sold.

Old business:

Darrell reported on the challenge coins.  Already ordered and in production.  Should have by next meeting. Cost is $2.20 per coin, possibly sell for $3.00 each.

We still have the ‘Still Coming Home’ books available.  If no one is interested, we will place these 9 remaining books as donations to other institutions.

Reminder that the Chapter history book pages are available to be picked up.

Bob Syring has completed the grant for those items on our wish list.

Bob Frink reported that we are approved for a credit card.

Don Zaft made a motion to give Dr Likness a retirement bouquet. Motion passed.

New business:

New summer ball caps are available.

50/50:  $236/$118 – $60 donated back

51 members present

Sickness & distress:  Steve Huston – brother passed away, Floyd Hermans, Jack Kempter

(Gun show 3/15 & 16)


December 2018 General Meeting

General Meeting 21 December 2018

Meeting called to order. Prayer and pledge conducted. Welcomed distinguished guests and visitors.

Roll call of officers taken.

Secretary report read. A couple corrections were made. Report approved.

Treasurer’s report provide breakdown on income and expenses. Savings acct balance: $72,128.38; Checking: $5,846.89. Report approved.

Honor guard report: Floyd reported doing 4 funerals. One funeral done by Milbank.

Committee reports by Earl.

By-law Committee. A new proposed By-Laws are available for review. There is a new policy

statement/document and task force for handling Christmas gift cards. Copies are available for review by all members before discussion which is to be held and voted upon in April.

Also, the treasurer has Quickens software to help with the records and budget. This will help the chapter work more efficiently. We are trying to go to electronic banking as well as credit/debit cards. Discussed moving $50,000 to Great Western. Reliabank is willing to match the 2% interest. Comments were made and discussed.

Public affairs by Denny. Christmas party was a success. Had about 125 people attend. $3,961 raised. Balance after expenses $1,335.65 profit.

Membership committee by Denny: 497/70 (567 members)

Phil reported that Greg Whitlock is the next Veterans Affairs Officer. Also reported on the last round table. Not many veterans turned out. We need a volunteer for the robo call machine.

Some of the Christmas ‘thank you’ cards were read, as well as a Thank you card from Dave Jerpseth from the funeral of his wife.

Treasurer announced that he is holding $1,200 in gift cards to be used for needy veterans.

Randy Holiday made a pitch for the time the Board of Directors puts into the meetings. Hard work is put into the preparation and sale of the elk hunt tickets and the accountability of the funds, take 2 books and sell them!! The by-laws are designed to keep improving the organization.

Bob Syring is working on the grant for equipment for this year.

Connie thanked the veterans who showed at the Armory for sendoff of our local guard unit.

Gordy presented the American flag with gold lace for the honor guard.

Denny reported on the Salvation Army ringing of the bells on Dec 8th. Thanks for all the help.

New business:

We still have about 9 or 10 Veterans Still Coming Home books.

Bob reported that Red Wilk of the Bull-Rama will come at a later time to speak to us. He was supposed to speak at this general meeting.

Darrell showed the challenge coin he is trying to put together for the chapter. For 1000 coins, the cost would be $2.61 apiece. Motion made to purchase 1000 coins. Motion passed.

Sickness and distress: Rick Wellness and Mike Anderson are reportedly not doing well.

50/50 $235/117 won by Glen Folk donated $50 back.

55 members present


November 2018 General Meeting

General Meeting 15 November 2018

Meeting called to order. Prayer and pledge conducted. Roll call of officers taken. Welcomed new members, dignitaries and visitors. Secretary report read and approved. Treasurer’s report provided breakdown on income and expenses. Savings acct balance: $77,128.38 Checking: $3,199.12. Approved.

Honor guard report: Floyd reported doing 2 funerals. Jim wanted to meet with the honor guard after the meeting. There is a funeral on Monday.

Floyd read thank you card from family who won the elk hunt.

Phil reported on a good Veteran’s Day program. Also reported on the display in Clark of the Charters of Freedom. A must see!! There are 17 displays in the country and the 1st to have a lighted display.

Denny thanked Bill for stepping up when Clayton fell ill before performing honor guard during the Veteran’s Day ceremony.

Christmas party – see Kay for tickets. Dec 1st at the Elks. Need items for the auction.

Lighted parade – Friday after Thanksgiving. We are decorating the bus on Tuesday evening. Need volunteers to hand out candy canes. Encourage the kids to help.

Membership report – 494/68

President expressed the need for members to step up and help where needed.

Ringing the bells for Salvation Army, Saturday, Dec 8th at HyVee. See Kay to sign up for a time (10 AM – 8 PM).

New business:

Gordy spoke on the Canadian veteran moving wall display. He has raised the funds to host the display of the wall next Veteran’s Day at the Terry Redlin Center.

Phil spoke on the Pipeline grant which Bob Syring is working on. Would like a projection screen/portable mic and PA system. Any ideas for equipment may be brought up to Bob or Phil.

Dec 13th is the roundtable at the American Legion.

Donation to Salvation Army – suggested we donate $1000 to replenish the food pantry. Al Janzen spoke on the gift cards. We are giving $200 to families and $100 to individuals. Please report your county number to the VSO.

President made a pitch for the Veteran’s book. We still have 10 available.

Received notice that Larry Zimmerman will not be interviewed for the Secretary of Veteran’s Affairs for the State.

Randy says elk hunt tickets may be available by the Christmas party.

VFW auxiliary is sponsoring a veterans Christmas party 2-4 pm, Dec 1st.

50/50 $260/130 – $35 donated back

Sickness and health: Paul Herman’s wife passed away. Keep him in prayers.