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Archive for Chapter Meeting Minutes

January 2017 General Meeting


Meeting called to order.  Prayer and pledge conducted.

Roll call of officers:  Bob Sebring, Treasurer absent

Chapter president welcomed guests and new members.

Secretary’s report – not available due to minutes were on the Treasurer’s laptop

Treasurer’s report – none

Membership report – 410 members, 46 associates and 1 pending

Honor guard report – nothing to report

Govt Affairs report – Phil reported on the State Veteran’s Council.  The representatives on the council were asked to poll their organizations on a proposal to the SD Legislature written by Senator Stace Nelson.  The proposal was to move the Secretary of Veterans Affairs position to another division of the House.  This means that the position would be an elected position vice an appointed position by the Governor.  Discussion and voting were held.  The vote was 38 for it being an elected position and 16 for the position to remain an appointed position.

Randy gave a report on the elk hunt.  510 tickets have already been sold with $4560 deposited.  The Brookings gun show was a success with ticket sales and 4 new members.  He expects the turnout at the Aberdeen gun show  2/4 & 5 to be a good opportunity to sell more tickets and get new members.  Volunteers are needed.  Everyone is encouraged to sell at least one book of tickets.

The Chapter president attended the VVA meeting held in Wash D.C. He reported that our Chapter was recognized for our membership

Other announcements:

Jack received several ‘thank you’ cards for Honor Guard services, Christmas gift cards and donations.

Gary Wergler promoted the upcoming ice fishing trip.  He currently has 14 names of interested individuals and is already taking names for next year.

The Commander of the American Legion put to rest the rumor that we had a plan to take over the Memorial Day Program from the Legion.  An email was sent out to all of the veteran organizations  that the VVA has no interest in taking on that task, but only be a participant as needed.

The Veteran Services Officer informed us that the contaminated water situation in Camp LeJune, NC which caused widespread disease to veterans and their families from 1954-1980 is now listed for possible compensation.  See Al Jantzen if you think you qualify.

Discussed the military license plates which will not be updated til 2019.  There is a $10 fee to switch styles.  You must relinquish your old plates before they will send you the new ones.  The plate will identify your branch of service, Vietnam Veteran, and the Campaign you served under.  The alternative is the Organizational plate.  They are available immediately for $15.  These are the ones where you put your VVA emblem on.

There are VVA coats still available.  Cost is $50 – $55.  See Don.

On February 4 there will be Valentines for Veterans at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.

Old business:

Denny Solberg gave an update of the proposed veteran’s cemetery.  There will be discussion at the City Council meeting.  A robo-call will be set up to inform and encourage veterans to attend and show their support.

Kay Solberg announced that there are still tickets available for the Christmas party $15 each.  There is still time to drop off donations for the auction.

New business:

There is a Vietnam Veterans Reunion being held in Mitchell 2/23,24 & 25.  Don has information if anyone is interested.

Elizabeth from the Community Corner gave the VVA a donation of $864.  She also said the American Legion donated an electric wheelchair if anyone is in need of one.

April is election month.  All the officer positions are open, as well as 3 board of director positions.  Next meeting we will be appointing an Election Committee.

Sickness and health:

Dave Jerpseth’s wife, Gordy West’s wife, and Floyd Hermans

Leonard expressed his gratitude for all the prayers and cards he received during his illness.

Good of the order:

50/50 – $261/$130  (Al donated $60 back.)

66 members in attendance

December 2016 General Meeting

VVA Meeting of December 15, 2016

Called to order by President Jack Kempter & opened with prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Role call of officers.  Don Zaft absent.

Secretary read minutes of November meeting.  Approved

Treasurer Report read.  Breakdown of income and expenses provided.  Balance is $30,353.28.

Honor Guard – One funeral was done Wednesday in Milbank.  Watertown has not done a funeral since June.  Still in need of a volunteer to act as a coordinator for anything other than a funeral.  Requests for an Honor Guard for a funeral must come from the Funeral Home.

Membership report – currently there are 411 members and 47 associates.

Christmas party.  See Kay Solberg for your tickets.  They are $15.  Reminder about the donations.  Bring them to the meeting.

Toys for Tots Christmas party on Monday/Tuesday.  Drop off boxes are located around town.  They must be at the VFW by the 18th of Dec.

There is an overwhelming response to assisting veterans for the holidays.  Last year we gave over $6200 for the holidays and about $11,000 total over the course of the past year.   Phil suggested that we fulfill the current obligation of $8400 total.  He proposed a vote on whether we give $200 each to 37 veterans, plus $1000 to the Salvation Army.  A couple of counties has not reported yet.  A number of veterans are receiving additional money from other veteran organizations. It will be in the form of gift cards.  Motion made to donate $200 per needy veteran.  Motion passed.

Phil spoke on the Round Table meeting.  There was a legislative rule that we cannot provide any gratuities, i.e. food, water, coffee.  That has since been rescinded.  The suggestion was to leave it up to the American Legion.  We will split the cost of what they decide to do.  The State Veteran’s Council will meet 11 Jan 2017.

New business:

Denny Brenden gave a presentation on the proposed State Veterans Cemetery.  He represented the American Legion on the subject at the Legislative Round Table.  Earlier a group of Veterans went to city hall with a proposal for a veterans cemetery and requested a plot of land.  It is located east of the Veterans Memorial with approximately 30 acres, 60,000 burial plots.  The City would be responsible for maintenance of the grounds and snow removal in the winter.  All veterans are eligible to be buried there.  We would need to raise $100,000 to begin the process and request $200,000 from the State.

Denny Solberg expanded with more in depth information.  The community is behind this project.  We want to build it as it were a National Cemetery in case we want to go that route in the future.  The website to check for burial eligibility is cem.va.gov.  Need to complete an application and mail with a copy of your DD 214.

State Council meeting was cancelled due to weather.

Jack made a pitch for the Community Corner.

Sickness and distress:  Gordy had surgery, Shorty is on dialysis and Lenard is home now.

Good of the Order:  always

50/50 – $203/$101 – donated back

57 members present


November 2016 Thursday General Meeting

VVA Meeting of November 17, 2016

Called to order by President Jack Kempter & opened with prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Role call of officers.  Don Zaft absent.

Secretary read minutes of October meeting.  Approved

Treasurer Report read .   Ending balance was $29,147.16.

Membership report.  Welcomed two new members.  410 members.

Honor guard report.  Big thank you for Connie for her contributions to the honor guard.  She will be stepping down for awhile.  Denny asked for help with calling people when needed.

Denny reported on the Christmas party 1/28 at the Elks.  Cost is $15.  Meal, auction and entertainment. Tickets will be available at the next meeting.

Government affairs report.  The Legislative roundtable is 12/15 at the Am Legion.  Phil invited all members to come and meet the new legislators.  Meal is served at noon.  Reminder that evening is also our regular general meeting.

The Quartermaster table is in need of help for setting up and taking down each meeting.

Lighted parade is the day after Thanksgiving.  Put out a call for volunteers to decorate the bus earlier.  Anyone who wants to help please meet Monday night before Thanksgiving at the storage building, which is straight east of Dempsey’s.  Meet at 6 PM.

We will be giving out candy canes at the parade.  Need volunteers to hand them out.  Will not need to walk the whole route.  Meet at Culligan’s at 5 PM.  Wear any VVA gear.  Also looking for Color Guard volunteers.

Don updated the Wash D.C. trip and called for those interested to meet briefly after the general meeting.  Also, has new pages for member albums.  There are new window decals available.  Announced a close out sale on pins and ball caps.

New business:

State Veteran’s Council meeting report – 50th Vietnam Anniversary pins are still available.

East River Veteran nursing homes – we have several in the NorthEast side of the state who are VA certified.  Of interest, there are 37,000 veterans in SD between 70 and 85 yrs.

Gordy recognized Al Janzen for a job well done at the Veteran’s Day festivities honoring World War 11 veterans.

Anyone interested in signing up for a fishing trip next year can sign up with Gary after the meeting.

Bob attended the Hospice training.  Anyone interested in participating can contact Bob.

VFW will have a veteran’s Christmas party 12/11 2-4 PM for all veterans.

VFW thanked us for the use of our bus to take them to Henry for Veteran’s Day events.

For the good of the order:  Always

Sickness and distress:  Dick Strichertz passed away today.  Lenard Baines is home now.

50/50  $250/$125

66 members present

October 2016 Thursday General Meeting

VVA Meeting of October, 20 2016

Called to order by President Jack Kempter & opened with prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Roll call of officers.  All present.

Welcomed 1 new member from Madison, MN  and 1 new associate member.

Secretary read minutes of Sept meeting.  Approved

Treasurer Report read .   Ending balance was $28,290.30

Honor guard has been busy.  Jointly they did 9 funerals.

Al B. made a challenge to all members to come up with funniest story by the November meeting for a prize of $50.

Membership report by Dennis Solberg – 409 members & 46 associates.  Also reported on the Christmas party which is set for Jan 28, 2017 for food, auction and entertainment.  Denny will be the auctioneer.  Bring donations for the auction to the next meeting.

Jack announced that the Community Corner thrift store gave him a bag of money  from past donations.  Urged people to take their plastic bags to the center and also donate unused items.  It benefits us.

Warriors Never Give Up – a spokesman for the organization explained what the organization is and what they do.  The Chapter donated $500 to them. They sponsor the Pro-Am Fishing trips.  There were ten chapter members who went on the fishing trip. There will be 4 fishing trips next year and a couple of hunts next year.

Denny Solberg announced there will be a color guard for Veterans Day at the Court House.  The bus will be in holiday lighted parade.  Need help with decorating.  Suggestion to pass out candy canes.  Don will purchase the candy canes.  Phil suggested getting a converter that plugs into the cigarette lighter to keep the lights running.  Otherwise a generator is available.

Dec 15th is the Legislative Round table at the Legion.  Encouraged to attend.  There will be several new legislators in attendance.  Would like to see many people in VVA shirts there.

Jack reported on the Vietnam ceremony in Pierre.  The parade was the biggest event.  Not well organized.

Don Reconnu reported that the Wash D.C. trip has 60 people interested.  There is room for one more couple.

VSO announced that the Veteran’s Day program is honoring the World War 11 veterans.

Old business:

Denny says SDSU plays USD on 12/31.  He will contact SDSU about doing the honor guard.

New business:

Jack encouraged everyone to participate in Veteran’s Day somewhere.  There is also free meals at certain establishments and Terry Redlin gives out a print.

Dean Halajian reminded all about the hospice program training taking place next week.

Sickness and distress:  Leonard not doing well.  Rosalee Horner had knee replacement.  She is a gold Star mother.

50/50 = $379/$188- $140 donated back.

101 members attended!!



September 2016 Thursday General Meeting

VVA meeting of September 15, 2016

Called to order by President Jack Kempter & opened with prayer and pledge of allegiance.

Guests & New Members recognized – 3 new members present

Officers roll call – abstained – Some officers at First Responders Event but arrived later

Secretary absent – minutes of last meeting read by Jim Hansen and approved

Treasurer’s Short Report read & approved – Income total = $4,518.00, Expenses total = $9,249.56

Membership report by Dennis Solberg – 400 members & 45 associates (15th or 16th largest chapter in nation)


POW/MIA Day ceremony at Sioux Falls veterans memorial park at 6 PM on Friday Sept. 16th
(Take I-90 Madison exit & go straight east)

Washington DC trip at end of April 2017 – sign up list passed, past travelers may go again but first timers get preference.

10th Anniversary of Welcome Home in Pierre Friday & Saturday Sept. 23-24 – Sat. parade starts at 9 AM, so if you’re going, you’ll want to stay overnight or if anyone wants our van in Pierre for the parade, we’ll need to leave @ 5:00 AM – Let Jack know after the meeting if interested.

Honor Guard Report by Steve Arnett – Oct. 1 starts funeral detail attire of long sleeve black shirt.  Also a new honor guard member was introduced and welcomed.

Don Reconnu report:
For fall, order jackets for $50 each & long sleeve black shirts
History book has new pages here – see Don for yours or for an absent friend
See Don or Gary Wurgler to buy a chapter history book if you don’t have one
Laurie Halajian made brownies – help yourself
DC trip has 42 people signed up but need 50

Fund Raising will be in planning

State Council Meeting:
Talked about POW/MIA event
Need agenda as to what we talk about for a National Cemetery & Soldiers Home in eastern SD
Legislative Round Table at noon on Dec 15 @ American Legion

Veterans Choice Program – see VSO Al Jensen

New VVA Chapter in Watertown – #1121 – we have to approve any fund raisers

Picnic – was a success even though we didn’t get enough people, so not happy with financial end.  Suggested to go back to our old picnic at the lake, so need to check Chamber calendar before anything set up. Paul’s beans were great!  And ladies’ desserts were good too!.

Rollie’s memorial banners will be on Jack’s truck in Pierre parade.

State Fair – Thanks to those who helped, but need more participation.  Need someone to man building@ fair for each day.  We got 7 new members @ the state fair!


Flu shots – At CBOC Sept 30, Oct 14 & 28 at 8:30 AM – 4 PM  (or during appointment)

 “Warriors Never Give Up” fishing trip – Gary Wurgler spoke about the great event.  A motion was made to donate $100 to the program and amended to give $500 all of which was approved.

Christmas Party – We’ll sell tickets in advance.  It was decided on a Saturday night in January at the Elks with a buffet meal, auction & entertainment.

No Veteran Dies Alone” program – Dean Halajian passed out flyers about program and who to call to participate.

Color Guard -  Denny Solberg spoke of the color guard presenting colors at basketball games & other events and to see him if interested.

Pierre Rededication – Sept 23 & 24 – Can leave early Saturday or the day before. The parade will include a helicopter fly by.

86 members were present.

Don Zafft won the $332 50/50 raffle.

Remember Paul Hermans
Rich Fellberg (Walmart greeter) was better & attending

Meeting adjourned with prayer and flag salute.

Connie Miller (for absent secretary Sherry)

August 2016 Thursday General Meeting

VVA Meeting of 18 August 2016

Pre-meeting activities included group pictures in recognition of receiving the 2016 National Membership Growth Award for SD Chapter 1054 in the 301-400 membership category.

Meeting called to order. President announced all visiting dignitaries and visitors, including Mayor Thorson and State Senator Jason Frerichs.  Welcomed new members and potential members.

Role call of officers: All present.

Secretary read minutes of last meeting:  Minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report:  Jim gave a breakdown in income and expenses.  There was a payoff on the Elk Hunt and a deposit on the next hunt.  Ending balance was $39,234.44..   Report was approved.

Membership report:  395 VVA/42 Associates.

Guest speaker, State Senator Frerichs, spoke.  Congratulated us on our accomplishments.  Indicated that the Veterans home in Hot Springs is wrapping up.  There is talk now of desire for a Veterans home on the East side.  Please share ideas through Jack.  Also talk of a dedicated cemetery.  Senator has been with the legislature for 7 years, encouraged veterans to run for a political office.  Phil inquired on federal involvement.  We need to work together and put together detailed plans.  Is there support from neighboring states on the federal level?  Suggest talk with Governor Rounds.  Al Skatvold inquired on the number of homeless vets in South Dakota.  Unknown number.  There is a new Veterans cemetery which is run by the Sisseton-Wapeton Tribe.  It is open to all veterans.  Senator said the Veterans Round Table will be held in December with the legislature.  One or the committees to keep an eye on is the State Affairs Committee.

Guest speaker, Mayor Thorson, also lends support for a local Veterans cemetary.

Guest speaker, Elizabeth Cunningham, of the Community Corner discussed the contributions made to veteran organizations.  Funds from the sales items with purple tags go to veterans organizations.  A new item being produced are mats made out of plastic bags for homeless veterans.  There is an abundance of clothes donated to the store.  They are willing to give to any needy veteran.  Feel free to volunteer your time.  Diane and Elvira help in the store, as well as make the mats.  They are the ladies responsible for making the quilts.

Earl Cass, represents the Nation of Patriots.  They facilitate the movement of the flag throughout MN, ND and SD.  It will be in Watertown on Friday, the 26th with the exchange of the flag at the Veterans Memorial around 6:30 PM.  This is a fund raiser.  He is seeking a donation of $500.  The distribution is 100% back to wounded veterans.  It must go to a family.  Motion made and approved to give $500.

Old business:

Welcome Home in Pierre, 23 Sep at 1100 at the Ramkota for the State meeting.  Sep 24th is the parade at 0900.  The Veteran’s motorcycle group in Pierre is heading it up.  List of hotels is available.  Block of rooms for VVA is available.  Jack has the parade route.  Anyone welcome to participate in the parade. This is the 10th Anniversary Reunion re-dedication.  There will be a band.  Admission is via bringing a non-perishable donation.

Chapter picnic – Sep 10 at Bittersweet Lodge at noon.  They will provide the burgers.  We will bring the brats.  Paul will furnish the beans.  There will be trap shooting.  Bring games if like.  Cost is $7.50 per person.  Need a head count.

State Council meeting is the 23rd.

New business:

Jack has the Rollie Lambert banners.  Would like to use in the Pierre parade.  Then would give one to Carol and one to Todd Lambert.

State Fair booth – the Veterans bldg. is cleaned and painted.  We have been assigned the a day to man the bldg. from 9-5, and also open and close the bldg in the evening.  Secretary Zimmerman will be there.  Sep 1-5 (Labor Day).  The first day of the fair is free to veterans.  Please sign up to participate.  Our date to open and close the bldg. is Sunday the 4th.

The location for the Board meetings has been moved to Perkins at 7 PM

Motion made to donate $50 to the State Veterans Council to help defray cost of painting the Veterans bldg. at the fair.  Motion passed

Honor guard did 3 funerals this month.

The VVA bus will driven in the parade in Pierre

For the good of the order:
Sickness & distress:  W. Swayze

50/50:  385/192 – $100 donated back by Duane Lewno.

98 members in attendance

Results of the Elk hunt drawings:
Leonard Blaine $2000 or the hunt
Rick Dremmen – $2000 or the hunt (whichever is not taken from above)
Vern Tarbucks – $700 gift certificate
Duane Christopherson – $500 gift certificate
William Larson – $400 gift certificate
David Zambo – $250 gift certificate


July 2016 Thursday General Meeting

June 2016 Thursday General Meeting

Minutes from VVA Meeting on June 16th, 2016

Meeting called to order by President Jack Kempter

Prayer by Chaplain Don Zafft

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call of Officers:  all present except for Secretary Sherry A. Connie M. will fill in.

Minutes of last meeting:  after a significant time of waiting for them to load a motion was made to abstain from reading the minutes until the next meeting. Motion approved.

Honor Guard Report: Floyd, Stephen: 2 funerals at Milbank and 2 in Watertown and other areas and funeral tomorrow for Watertown.

Color Guard Report from Denny S. and Ray F. the color guard participated in parades in Henry and Elkton. Help is needed on Friday the 17th at 6:30pm for color guard for Right to Life and also for parking cars. See Ray.

Treasurers Report by Jim Hanson: Read and approved. See Jim or Jack with questions and concerns. (SEE REPORT).

Flag Day donations:  Milbank $900.00, Watertown $4848.30 (approx..)

Membership report by Denny S.: 39 Associate Members and 404 Active Members with 4 members who have not renewed and will be contacted.

Party Committee for yearly picnic. Vote taken and will be at Bittersweet Lodge north of Watertown on a Saturday. Gordie West will check with Lodge and provide further info on date and time.

Denny S. thanked all who participated in Flag Day and read a list of those who participated.

Phil Brager reported on Government Affairs: he spoke of a Vietnam Vet he met on his trip.

Report on Fishing Trip with Warriors  Never Give Up and the Lake Area Walleye Assoc. by Gordie West a participate. It was held on Lake Albert and great time was held by all. Please thank these groups.

No other committee reports this month.

Other news:

Donations: If you have articles you want to donate you can take them to the Community Center at the corner of Highway 212 and Broadway and indicate you want the funds to go to the VVA. They will sell them. They are always looking for Volunteers to help also.

Doug M. updated all on license plate information, stickers and organizational plates and frames.

Stephen and Faye are now handling the Honor Guard Supplies. If you need anything see them and also remember we are always looking for volunteers.

Other Business:

Ken Kubat: spoke of American Legion State Convention and that the National Commander will be attending. They will have a walk which everyone is invited to participate in. Registration will be at the Ramkota on June 17, 2016 at 9am.

Donations for the National Cemetery in the Black Hills where a VVA Memorial will be erected. A motion was made to donate $500 dollars to the Memorial.

The Annual Raising of the Flags at the Fallen Soldiers Memorial will be July 1st at 6pm at the Buffalo Chip Campground. RSVP

The Lincoln test drive project went well we received a check for $3800.00.

An E-Mail from Dale Christianson was received related to E-30 involvement. The board will discuss this.

A letter from Rollie L. son, Troy, was received offering to help with the July 4h parade in his Dads honor.

A motion was made and seconded to make Troy a Lifetime Assoc. Member of the VVA.

Estelline Parade is Saturday July 19th see Don Zafft if you wish to participate and parade info.

District 6 VVA chapter meeting was held in St Cloud with Jack K. participating. It was reported that we are in the top 20 chapters in membership in the nation. They also had a Agent Orange Town Hall Meeting.

Jason Frericks wants to come and talk about an East river nursing home and cemetery. This will be discussed at the board meeting. It was suggested we support this issue. We do not participate in the politics end.

A motion was made to honor Rollie L. and the son of Larry R. by donating $100 each for two blocks in a memorial. Approved.

The night of July 3rd there will be a large fireworks display at the Redlin Center they are looking for help to hand out stuff before the display. See Dean Halajian for info 882-2678.

We also need help and any suggestions for the July 4th parade here in Watertown see Denny S.

All Disabled Vets can get a free pass for National Parks.

The 10th Anniversary of the Rededication for Vietnam Vets will be held on Sept 23rd and 24th in Pierre with a parade. They are looking for military vehicles to participate.

We were invited to a Ford Drive event to test drive vehicles for Relay of Like to raise money. It will be at the Ice Skating rink see Ray F. for info.

The Browns Valley 150th Centennial will be June 26th.

For the Good of the Order: Sickness and Distress: keep Dave Wicks in your prayers.

Thanks to Lori Halajian for the cookies and donuts for the meeting.

50/50 raffle netted $328.00 the winner donated $100.00 back. Thank you.

We have 130 Elks tickets left – see Mr. Holiday.

There were 86 members present at the meeting.

Respectfully submitted by Connie Miller

May 2016 Thursday General Meeting

VVA Meeting 19 May 2016

Meeting called to order.  Prayer and pledge conducted.  Roll call of officers.  All present.

Dignitaries recognized.  Introduction and welcome of new members.

Secretary read minutes of last meeting.  Approved.

Treasurer’s report provided a breakdown of income and expenses.  Balance is $31,812.86 as of today. Report approved.


Honor Guard – practice went well in Marietta, Mn.  If there are any requests for a Color Guard, please contact Jim Hanson or Ray Feist during the summer, and Connie Miller or Denny Solberg during the winter.

Membership report – we have 39 associates and 404 members.  A life membership is only $75.

President Jack reported on the results of the state convention and elections.  He was elected State President.  Our chapter had a good turnout and voted into 90% of the positions.

Gordy reported on the Ford test drive.  We had a poor showing.  Estimated we earned about $4000.

Flag day is coming.  Need volunteers to take a 2 hour shift to hand out flags.  We will hand out flags the Saturday before Flag Day.  That is 11 June.  Please sign up for a location and time slot. Steve Strege decided that Milbank will do their flags on Tuesday.

Memorial Day – the American Legion is in charge.  We need 6 people from the Color Guard to participate.  Also need 4 Color Guard to participate in the parade in Estelline 18 June.

Community Corner Thrift presented us with a check for $450.  Whatever you donate gets marked or designated to the charity of your choice.  They are also looking for volunteers. They are in need of plastic bags to make mattresses/sleeping mats for veterans.

Veterans Choice program – you need prior approval for medical services. The concern is that HealthNet has not been paying the providers that saw the veteran.

President expressed condolences to Larry Rudebusch and family on the passing of his son.

Pro-Am Fishing Derby by Warriors Never Give Up organization. Will be held on Dry Lake.  Looking for 6 people who would like to fish with 10 pro-fishermen.  The date is 13 June.  See Gary if interested.

Report on the elk hunt.  Turn in your tickets.  Have about 150 tickets to sell.

Jerry Caulfield’s daughter, who is a Captain in the Army Reserve, presented the scholarship at SDSU for the ROTC.

September 23 & 24 is the 10th Reunion and Anniversary of the Memorial in Pierre.  The State Conference will also be held that weekend. More information will be available later.

Barb Strom is part of the Quilts for Veterans.  She made a request for a donation to the cost of fabric or batting to make them.  A motion was made to donate $500. Motion carried.

Made a pitch to take advantage of the .30 discount on E30 fuel.  Support our community.

For the good of the order:  Everything we do is for the good of the order.

Sickness and distress:  Volk is doing well.  Al reported on a new member named Kurt who just joined and found out his cancer came back.  Keep him in your prayers.

50/50 – $362/181 won by Alvin.

Drawing held for 2 quilts.

80 members present


April 2016 Thursday General Meeting

VVA Meeting 21 April 2016

Meeting called to order.  Prayer and pledge conducted.  Roll call of officers.  All present.

Introduction and welcome of new members.

Secretary read minutes of last meeting.  Approved.

Treasurer’s report provided a breakdown of income and expenses.  Balance is $33,800.33 as of today’s date.  Savings balance is $25,000 plus interest, and there are two other accounts – one has $1000 for scholarships and another contains approximately $1000 seed money for another trip.

Phil and Jack attended the Governor’s Day at SDSU.  Jerry Caulfield’s daughter, who is a Captain in the Army, present the scholarship.  Phil had previously presented a scholarship at USD.

Randy reported we have about 77 elk tickets remaining.  Encourage comrades to step up and help sell them.

Jack and the Chaplain put out a reminder about removing their cover out of respect, i.e. banquets, entering a church, unless in formation, and inside restaurants, etc.

Order of the Purple Heart is having their convention at the DAV in SF 5/21 10 AM.  Bring a guest.  Dinner and social hour at 6 PM.

State VVA convention in Pierre, 14 May at 11 AM.  Bus will leave from behind Perkins at 7 AM.  State elections will be held.  Delegates were named.

Membership report by Denny.  We currently have 438 members including 39 associates.

Committee Reports:

Public Affairs by Gordy – Reminder of the Watertown Ford’s fundraiser on 7 May.  Test drive 2 Lincoln models.  The Chapter receives $20 per vehicle that is test driven.  Need volunteers to assist with setup and registration at Montgomery Furniture parking lot.

Honor Guard – Floyd said his team did not have any funerals.  Steve’s team did 4 funerals in one week, including Rollie Lambert’s.   Gordy made a motion to give the Patriot Guard $50 and a print for their help at Rollie’s funeral.  Motion passed.  We need an Honor Guard for the Special Olympics opening ceremony at the Allen Mitchell field on Friday.  Reminder that the Honor Guard and Color Guard practice will be held on 30 April at the Marrietta Legion.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Please let Steve know.  There will be a bus leaving from behind Perkins.  A photographer will be taking pictures of the Honor Guard.  Connie expressed they are always looking for more help.  Asked for a member of the Honor Guard to become a point of contact for requests.

Regarding the visit to the VA hospital – a decision was made to postpone the visit til more information is available.  Asked for a volunteer to set up a time.  Rich Felberg volunteered.

Pres. Jack made a pitch for the DAV 2nd Annual Tractor Drive to be held 11 June at the Day County Fair Grounds in Waubay.  All vehicles are welcomed.  See Tom Lewno.

New business:

Election Chairman Floyd Hermans conducted the election.  The results are:
President – Jack Kempter
Sr Vice      – Phil Braeger
Jr Vice       – Denny Solberg
Treasurer – Jim Hanson
Secretary  – Sherry Almjeld
Chaplain    – Don Zafft
Board of Directors – Steve Strege, Ed Timm and Dean Halajian

We had 95 members present.

Sickness & Distress -  Glen Volk – doing better, Doug Ulvan – has cancer.

50/50  $342/$171 – won by Lee Jackson