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Greetings Brothers and  Sisters,

I hope everyone had a  Merry Christmas and I want to wish you all a happy New Year.  We have had a very busy November and December with many  activities.  In November our Color Guard participated in  several veteran programs around the area.  In December our  Color Guard marched in a lighted Christmas Parade in Watertown along with a  lighted pickup.  They gave away 1,500 candy canes to children  along the parade. On Saturday, December 15th, we rang bells for the Salvation  Army  in front of the HyVee.

Seventeen of our  members attended the Legislative Round Table at the American Legion in  Watertown.  It was an interesting meeting and we have great  from area legislators. Our legislators expressed a strong  need, however, for veteran support when they are trying to pass bills benefiting  veterans.  As a result, we have formed a  Legislative Committee which will be chaired by Phil Braeger.

There are two  legislative efforts, in particular, that are significant to our  members.  One is to designate March 30th as a “Welcome Home  Day” for Vietnam Veterans.  A second bill is to restore the  funding for VSO’s that was cut off during the budget crunch. When these bills come up, we need to get veterans to Pierre  to show our support and others to make phone calls to our elected officials. Anyone that would like to show support in person, testify  before the legislature or make  phone calls, please contact Phil.

We had a little social  after the December meeting with a buffet of meat, shrimp, cheese and crackers,  hot chocolate, apple cider and the best of all kinds of treats provided by our  members.  Members also brought a lot of non-perishable food  goods for donations to the Salvation Army, The Women’s Resource Center and the  Clear Lake Food Pantry.

A drawing was held for  winner of the raffle for the sniper rifle, which was won by Randy  Holiday.  Congratulations, Randy!

Members voted to donate funds to the  VSO to help veterans and also to help six families in Grant County.

That’s all for  now.  Thank you for your support of the best veterans’ chapter  around.



Good Rules to Follow from Rollie.

March 4,2012

January 8, 2012

Greetings to all VVA Members, Associates & Friends,

These last 9+ months have been wild, wooly, and amazing. When I started this journey in March of 2011, I couldn’t imagine that we would have membership of over 174 brothers and sisters who served and another 12+ supporters. We are a bit short of 200 in total membership, however, believe that goal is achievable. To those who have helped us connect with our fellow service members and supporters, we thank you for your help in bringing us together. Please help us continue to achieve this goal of over 200 members.

As comrades who served during the Vietnam War years, we all have profound and deep memories which connect us regardless of which branch we served. Our Associate Members also have a connection in having their loved one(s) serve with all of the worries, concerns and, in some cases, loss of life.

We have experienced the typical growing pains and personality differences of any new organization. At the same time we have seen some amazing bonding, healing and camaraderie.

My cousin, DeWayne Bliss, died from Agent Orange complications on Nov. 26, 2010. He was like a brother to me. He had 15 years of serious health problems as a result of Agent Orange, and spent the last 6 years in the nursing home. It is because my cousin’s death that I initiated the journey to start this chapter. While it has been stressful from time to time, the rewards of seeing all of you connecting, sharing and supporting each other has been very fulfilling. The biggest reward to me is when I hear of a member who has healed a bit of his or her pain or hurts from the past through this Chapter and its members.

Each of you has contributed your own unique strengths to build this Chapter to where we are in this short period. It is my sincere wish that each and every one of you receive some peace and healing from your journey through life in 2012.

Dave Jerpseth
El Presidente (LOL)

Christmas & New Years-2011

Greetings to all VVA Members, Associates & Friends,

These last 7+ months have been a wild and woolly ride. Little did I imagine that we could be looking at a membership of 200 in that seven months. We still are a few short as of this writing (12/15), but we think our goal is within reach. Please help us attain this milestone and a big thank you to all who have helped so far.

On top of having 170 new brothers and sisters in service, plus all the fans and supporters along the way, this has been an amazing year.

We have experienced the typical growing pains and personality differences of any new organization but we also have seen some amazing bonding, healing and togetherness.

Nov. 26, 2011 was the 1 yr anniversary of my cousin’s/brother passing from Agent Orange effects. He had 15 years of serious health problems with the last 6 yrs of his life in a nursing home. It is because of his death that I ventured down this road to start this chapter.

It is my sincere wish that each and every one of you receive some peace and healing from your journey through life this holiday season and in 2012.

This is my holiday wish and gift to you and yours for this season and in 2012.

Holiday blessings to you and yours and peace to all!

Dave (El Presidente) LOL

Deonne (1st Lady) LOL

(artist in residence)