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In Memory of departed Chapter 1054 Members

Henry Rauen              Nov 6, 2021    Watertown, SD    Army

Einar Salmonson         Oct 6, 2021     Estelline, SD       Army NG

Lee Jackson                Sep 26, 2021   Watertown, SD   Army

Lenny Mack                 Sep 24, 2021   Watertown, SD   Navy

Robert Hinton              Jul 16, 2021    Sioux Falls, SD    Army

Michael Redlin             Jun 19, 2021    Maricopa, AZ      Army

Robert Lower               Mar 27, 2021   Milbank, SD        Air Force

Orris Swayze                Feb 19, 2021   Wilmot, SD         Air Force

Ken Kubat                    Dec 9, 2020    Watertown, SD    Air Force

Deanna Burchell           Nov 25, 2020   Clark, SD            Marines

David Leonard              Nov 22, 2020   Watertown, SD    Navy

Jerry Williams               Oct 6, 2020     Watertown, SD    Navy

Jerry Ehlebracht            Oct 5, 2020     Milbank, SD        Navy

Rich Felberg                  Oct 1, 2020     Watertown SD     Army

Jerold Zerfoss                Sep 24, 2020   Wessington, SD   Navy

Ronald Moore                Sep 17, 2020   Marshall, MN       Marines

Jack Kempter                Sep 4, 2020     Waubay, SD        Air Force

Jerome Wait                  Aug 26, 2020   Waubay, SD        Army

Delvin Bren                   Aug 25, 2020    Goodwin, SD      Navy

Mike Lyons                    Aug 6, 2020     Belle Fourche,SD Navy

Douglas Ulven               Jul 17, 2020     Watertown, SD    Army

Al Meisenheimer            Jul 11, 2020     Watertown, SD    Associate

Dick Lane                      Jul 5, 2020      Watertown, SD    Air Force

Howie Shepherd            Jun 13, 2020    Watertown, SD    Air Force

Richard Overby              Apr 12, 2020     Brookings, SD    Army

Randall Sour                  Mar 23, 2020   Watertown, SD     Marines

Richard Wellnitz             Mar 17, 2020    Milbank, SD         Navy

Duane Woods                Feb 16, 2020    Watertown,SD      Navy

Paul Knock                    Jan. 8, 2020     Willow Lake,SD     Marines

James Oien                   Dec. 18, 2019    Sioux City, IA       Army

Larry Goette                 June 8, 2019     Rosholt, SD          Army

Dennis Lund                 May 2, 2019      Castlewood, SD    Army

Kenneth Tassler            Apr. 26, 2019     Britton, SD          Navy

Donald Heimerl             Mar 13, 2019     Madison, SD        Air Force

Alvin Anderson             Jan. 1, 2019       Estelline, SD        Navy

Roger Batien                Oct 14, 2018      Dakota Dunes,SD Army

Allen Reil                     Jul. 21, 2018      Milbank, SD         Army

Irene Stehly-Hermans   Nov. 1, 2018      Milbank, SD         Associate

Larry Rudebusch          Jul. 7, 2018        Corona, SD          Navy

Richard J Boran             Apr 17, 2018     Wilmot, SD        Marines

Jerrold Geilenfeld         Apr. 14, 2018      Maricopa, AZ       Army

Rodney Affeldt             Feb. 17, 2018     Browns Valley      Air Force

Dennis York                 Jan. 18, 2018     Watertown, SD     Navy

Ray Rylance                 Jan. 6, 2018      Watertown, SD     Marines

Lee Sullivan                 Jan. 1, 2018      Hecla, SD             Air Force

Larry Toering               Dec. 9, 2017      Somerset, KY       Army

Arlo Saboe                   Dec. 6, 2017     Willow Lake, SD    Army

Tom Sherman              Nov. 5, 2017      Sisseton, SD        Air Force

Allen Theye                  Oct. 28, 2017    Florence, SD        Army

Leonard Blain               Sep. 5, 2017     Watertown, SD     Army

Thomas Danielson        June 10, 2017    Big Stone City      Army

Gary Lindgren              May 20, 2017    Watertown, SD      Navy

Ron VanHoorn              May 6, 2017      Milbank, SD          Army

Dale Garriets                Dec. 5, 2016     Waubay, SD          SDNG

Dick Stricherz               Nov. 17, 2016   Watertown, SD      Navy

Rolland M Lambert        April 1, 2016     Watertown, SD     Army

Terry L Harmel             Feb. 18, 2016    Watertown, SD     Army N.G.

Richard A Johnston        Oct. 18, 2015   Randolph, MN       Air Force

Duane Hoffman            Aug. 20, 2015   Watertown, SD      Navy

Dallas I Hanson            May 4, 2015    Big Stone City, SD  Navy

Eugene L Tassler           Mar. 13, 2015  Watertown, SD      Air Force

Leland E Gordy             Dec. 24, 2014  Brandt, SD           Air Force

Jerald G Messerschmidt July 28, 2014   Watertown, SD      Air Force

Jack D Carr                 June 21, 2014   Watertown, SD     Army

Carol St. George          June 16, 2014   Milbank, SD         Army Assoc.

Lance C Reconnu          Feb. 2, 2014     Kenosha, WI        Army

Jerry D Deakins           Dec. 31, 2013   Hooven, OH         Army

James E Fortin             May 30, 2013   Watertown, SD     Marines

Jim Mahlen                  Sep. 8, 2011    Clark, SD            Air Force

Frank Schleuter            Nov. 19, 2011  Huron, SD           Army

Maynard Almjeld           Dec. 1, 2011   Watertown, SD     Associate

Donald Hiler

Harvey Dale Wellnitz

Ronald K Tol

GOOD-BYE TO A BROTHER ROLAND “ROLLIE” LAMBERT. Rollie was the past Chapter 1054 President and was currently serving as the VVA State President. He also was the Commander of Frank H. Adams Post 750 of Veterans of Foreign Wars. But most of all Rollie was a loving father and husband and a very good friend to all the veterans the he knew. Rollie was a great motivator, but always knew when a listening ear was needed. After graduating from high school in 1967, he enlisted in the U.S. Army and served his first tour in Vietnam in the fall of 1968. After three tours, he was honorably discharged in 1970.


Roland M. “Rollie” Lambert

Terry Harmel

Gene Tassler

Raymond Fransen

Wilfred Schulte