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March 2018 General Meeting

VVA meeting on March 15, 2018
     The VVA meeting was called to order by Pres Jack Kempter.  All officers were present except for our secretary Rich Fellberg, who is currently in the hospital.  There was no reading of last month’s meeting, but they will be on the website for anyone to review.
     Don Reconuu presented the Treasurer report.  Our Checking account has approximately $19,000 and our Savings account has approximately $47,000.  A list of all expenditures and income and exact balances were presented at the meeting.  The report was moved, seconded and approved.
     Committee Reports:
     Membership - Dennis Solberg, Chrm reported we currently have 455 VVA members and 65 AVVA  for a total of 520 total members.  The Soaring Eagle Contest will continue through the May meeting.  Members earn 1 point for any new AVVA members and 2 pts for any VVA members that are signed up. We are currently the 12th largest Chapter in the US and would like to move up.
    Govt Affairs - Phil Braeger reported that the legislators approved the monies needed to start the State Cemetery in Sioux Falls.  The Governor will sign the bill on Mar 26h. Anyone wishing to attend should let Phil know.  The State American Legion pledged $50,000 of the 3-4 Million that needs to be raised by 2022.
     Honor Guard - Floyd reported Milbank has had 2 funerals recently.  They will also be in the Corona St. Pat’s Parade.  Jerry Denman reported that they have done a couple local basket ball games in Wtn and then did the Summit College games in Sioux Falls. Thanks to Don Pash, Jerry Denman, Ed Timm, Dennis Anderson, Darrell Biering, Darwin Clyde for participating in them.
     State Convention for the VVA will be May 5th in Sioux Falls at 11 am.  Chapter 1054 can have 16 delegates.  Anyone that would like to be a delegate – let Jack know and the board will get this organized.
     Wtn Cemetery Committee- Dennis Solberg reported that they have now received the IRS 501-C which allows them to accept donations.  They plan to continue on with the project as this is more of a NE SD cemetery and will accept all Veterans with an honorable discharge.  They will be on the radio and have an article coming out in the PO.
     Tribal Cemetery will be dedicated in July in Sisseton.  Chapter 1054 will donate $100 to help with  a fence for their cemetery.
     Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans will be Mar 30th.  Sisseton is planning a program and have invited us to attend.  We will take a bus to Dakota Magic.  The program starts at 11 am.
     The Sisseton Wapheton Tribe is hosting their 2nd Annual Fishing Tournament on Sunday, May 20 at Pirus Lake with 2-man Teams. You do need a SD license and a tribal license.  Contact Gordy if interested.
     Al Janzen, Veterans Service Office here in Wtn is moving his office to the City Auditorium across from the Court House as of April 2.
     Military Officers Organization- Mark Schroeder reported they are sponsoring a program on Mar. 22 called “Tri Care for Life” with a speaker from Omaha.  It will be held at the Elks Lodge.  They are also working on a 2 pm program for Memorial Day and will share that information at a later date.
       Orne Sweezy shared a PTSD article that was in our newsletter.  They are trying to get more help out to front line soldiers to be able to deal with their encounters.
     Gerry Likness made a Make A Wish presentation about the wishes that are granted to children in this area.  They are for children from 2 1/2 -18 yrs old with aggressive diseases.  Chapter 1054 donated $500, and then  hats were passed to take up additional funds.
     Veterans Coming Home Book is still available for $64.  See Don if you are interested.
     Other announcements included:
     Benefit for Rose Jones (wife to Dana) will be Mar 31st at the American Legion.
     Nation of Patriots gave Jimmy Lantgen a donation (which 1054 was part of) for a new furnace.
     Veterans helping Veterans. (This is the program that the flag is taken to all 50 states and funds are collected along the way. )
     Craig Tschetter, author of the book “15 Minutes Ago” will have his book at DDR Bookstores in Uptown Wtn on Apr 24 at 7 pm.  Craig has a Purple Heart and he will talk about his experience.
     Ford Test Drive will be held in June in Montgomery Furniture parking lot.  For each Ford that is taken for a drive, Chapter 1054 will receive $20.  There is no obligation to buy, just take it for a drive.  We could raise up to $8000.
     Home Show was very successful selling tickets.
     The Gun Show is this weekend and Phil is in charge. If you can work please let him know.  We only have 360 tickets left to sell.
     Nomination Committee is Dennis Solberg and Paul Hermans.  All the officers and 3 board positions are up for re-election .  If you would like to be on the board, let one of them know.  Elections will be at the April meeting.
     The chapter gave Lori Halajian $25 for cookies….Thanks a lot Lori.
     There were 89 members present and Ed Timm won the 50/50.
     At the close of the meeting Dave Vosburg donated 3 canvas pictures that were made by Matt Solberg. Thank you to the 3 that bought them, raising $282.  The Chapter decided to give these funds to Make a Wish.
Meeting Adjourn
Minutes Respectfully submitted

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