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Regional Veterans Cemetery Info

A recent city cemetery meeting uncovered the following concerns:

1. The only “veteran” council member (a non-activated guard), said he had only heard negative comments about our cemetery. The mayor and council NEVER met with us beforehand! Please contact the mayor and  ALL council members below (ESPECIALLY the one representing your ward) and let’s flood them with our approval of the cemetery! A map link is included below to find your ward.

2. The council thinks our name “Veterans Cemetery of South Dakota” is illegal and can’t be used.  This is FALSE.

3. They think our cemetery has to be state (or federally) “sanctioned.” That is also FALSE. It was always started as a regional cemetery following all the state (& national)  rules – in hopes of possibily, someday becoming a state cemetery (which is absolutely NOT necessary!)

4.  They think they are giving us land but question the maintenance of it.  This too is FALSE!  We will be using their land but developing and maintaining it ourselves with our own funds.  There is absolutley NO COSTS to the city!!

Here is the contact info for the city council:

MAYOR Sara Caron  605-882-6200 ext.3574 scaron@watertownsd.us
Mike Danforth   605-882-4896 mdanforth@watertownsd.us
Don Roby         605-753-5679 droby@watertownsd.us
WARD B (N Central Wtn)
Adam Lalim       605-868-3487 alalim@watertownsd.us
Jon Solum         605-520-2803 jsolum@watertownsd.us
WARD C (Central & SW Wtn)
Brad Thorson  605-881-7500 bthorson@watertownsd.us
Beth Mantey    605-868-1114 bmantey@watertownsd.us
Josh Weyh        605-868-1220 jweyh@watertownsd.us
City Council President:
Bruce Buhler    605-886-6743 bbuhler@watertownsd.us
WARD E (Lake & W Wtn)
Glen Vilhauer    605-886-9320 gvilhauer@watertownsd.us
Dan Albertsen.   605-886-9265 dalbertsen@watertownsd.us

And here is a link to a map of the wards:


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