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August 2018 General Meeting

General Meeting 16 August 2018

Meeting called to order.  Prayer and pledge conducted.

Role call of officers. All present.

President welcomed guests: Zac and Heather Wipf with One Lane – service dog trainers.  They gave a presentation on their services.  Veterans may apply for a service dog. Please work through the Veterans Service Officer.  Spread the word to all veterans. A bucket was passed for donations.

Also welcomed American Legion commander, Denny and the VSO, Al.

Secretary report was read and approved.

Treasurers report:  $9,471  in checking,  $77,108 in  savings

A breakdown of income and expenses was provided.

Honor guard:  Jerry reported they helped the VFW with a funeral.  Spoke to those who wish to be part of the honor guard to see him about uniforms.  The Chapter will pay for half.  Honor guard practice 9/22 0900 in Marrieta, MN. They will provide lunch.  Also did Larry Rudebusch funeral.

Membership committee:  Denny reported 523 with funerals for 3 members.  We are thinking of offering free membership ($20) for one year to attract new members and hope they can be retained.  Or if they wish a lifetime membership, we offer to pay half.

We are now #13 in the nation.  Bring prospective new members to the picnic.

Finance committee:  Earl created a donation request form.  The first one was given to the dog trainers.  Proposed an electronic newsletter to save postage.  Looking at ways to make this chapter more efficient.

Chapter bylaws – Don Zaft is chairman.  Currently being reviewed.  They will be rewritten and presented in draft at the next meeting.

Phil Brager reported 9/13 4:30 – 7:00 PM is Veterans and First Responders Appreciation Day.  There will be a program at the Armory, Readiness Center. Suggest we have a table/flag.

He also, needs the name of the Veteran of the Year nomination and reported on the Sioux Falls Veterans cemetery endowment goal deadline.  This is a state cemetery.

State fair is 8/30 – 9/3.  We have a requirement by the State Veterans Council that we be there every day from 9-6.  This involves all of the organizations.  Needs volunteers, if only for a few hours.

Doug Modica, is the webmaster.  He sent out emails for members and associates who need to send in pictures of themselves.  Please reply to email.  Or send photos to Vets@NESDVVA.org. To check if your photo is on our website NESDVVA.org, click on “Membership” & use password “brothers”.

Don Reconnu reported new newsletter pages are available at the back table.  Also reported that Rich Felberg fell and broke his hip.  He is currently in a nursing home in Arlington.

Any interest in going on another Washington, DC trip?  Raise of hands indicate a good show of interest.  Looking at September next year.

Sickness & distress: Rich Felberg

50/50  $273/$136 (all donated back)

64 members


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