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December 2018 General Meeting

General Meeting 21 December 2018

Meeting called to order. Prayer and pledge conducted. Welcomed distinguished guests and visitors.

Roll call of officers taken.

Secretary report read. A couple corrections were made. Report approved.

Treasurer’s report provide breakdown on income and expenses. Savings acct balance: $72,128.38; Checking: $5,846.89. Report approved.

Honor guard report: Floyd reported doing 4 funerals. One funeral done by Milbank.

Committee reports by Earl.

By-law Committee. A new proposed By-Laws are available for review. There is a new policy

statement/document and task force for handling Christmas gift cards. Copies are available for review by all members before discussion which is to be held and voted upon in April.

Also, the treasurer has Quickens software to help with the records and budget. This will help the chapter work more efficiently. We are trying to go to electronic banking as well as credit/debit cards. Discussed moving $50,000 to Great Western. Reliabank is willing to match the 2% interest. Comments were made and discussed.

Public affairs by Denny. Christmas party was a success. Had about 125 people attend. $3,961 raised. Balance after expenses $1,335.65 profit.

Membership committee by Denny: 497/70 (567 members)

Phil reported that Greg Whitlock is the next Veterans Affairs Officer. Also reported on the last round table. Not many veterans turned out. We need a volunteer for the robo call machine.

Some of the Christmas ‘thank you’ cards were read, as well as a Thank you card from Dave Jerpseth from the funeral of his wife.

Treasurer announced that he is holding $1,200 in gift cards to be used for needy veterans.

Randy Holiday made a pitch for the time the Board of Directors puts into the meetings. Hard work is put into the preparation and sale of the elk hunt tickets and the accountability of the funds, take 2 books and sell them!! The by-laws are designed to keep improving the organization.

Bob Syring is working on the grant for equipment for this year.

Connie thanked the veterans who showed at the Armory for sendoff of our local guard unit.

Gordy presented the American flag with gold lace for the honor guard.

Denny reported on the Salvation Army ringing of the bells on Dec 8th. Thanks for all the help.

New business:

We still have about 9 or 10 Veterans Still Coming Home books.

Bob reported that Red Wilk of the Bull-Rama will come at a later time to speak to us. He was supposed to speak at this general meeting.

Darrell showed the challenge coin he is trying to put together for the chapter. For 1000 coins, the cost would be $2.61 apiece. Motion made to purchase 1000 coins. Motion passed.

Sickness and distress: Rick Wellness and Mike Anderson are reportedly not doing well.

50/50 $235/117 won by Glen Folk donated $50 back.

55 members present


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