Throughout the history of our nation, we have seen numerous times of situations where we, as a country, stepped in to protect and defend those who could not help themselves.  This may have been through ignorance or the inability of people to have enough strength to defend their people or their way of life.  The focus of our military has been to defend ourselves and others, not to seize territory or nations for our own benefit.  Our way of life is to protect the freedoms that many of our brothers and sisters were willing to fight for, and if necessary, give their lives.  We support those who are willing to stand up to the tyrany of dictators and bullies who force people to live under their control.  This is as old as the scripture in your Bible.  God gave His people {even though they were often many times outnumbered} the strength and guidance to overcome His enemies.  If you look at why they were His enemies, very often the same dictatorial reasons surface.  God’s way is to freely worship Him and live in such a way as to protect that freedom.

Live in freedom with God,

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