Greetings brothers and sisters.
    We are finally in the start of summer after it looked like it was not going to come in April and May. Now we have a very busy summer ahead of us. We had our 2nd annual banquet and auction. We did quite well as we even got 20 dollars for a nail – good job, Dennis! The band was great and I believe everybody enjoyed themselves; we also got more members.
    We continue to grow and get noticed in the community because of all of you. Our Color Guard was at the Memorial Day program and our firing squad did an awesome job sounding like one rifle in unison. We have a lot of events coming up this summer.    We are thinking of hosting the State Council meeting in September or October. We are also sending delegates to National Convention in August. I am running as an at-large board of director for National – should be interesting to see how things go. If anybody has anything they would like me to promote or ask about at National, let me know.
    The Elk hunt raffle is still going on; so keep selling tickets. We also have a raffle on a Quilt starting. Our state council is having a raffle to help themselves get some money so they can be more active as a state council.  Our 4 chapters are all selling raffle tickets for two 2-day fishing trips – one on the Missouri River and another in Northeast S.D. lakes. The winner gets 1st choice and the runner-up the other one. Hopefully we will have these tickets and be selling them by the time you get this Newsletter.
Remember – recruit and renew as life members, as this will keep our chapter  growing.

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