Any of us who have been in combat know first-hand that there is something inside of us that is so powerful and yet inexplainable.  We all have a sense that any wounded or killed fellow soldiers must be retrieved and brought back to a place where they can be treated and accounted for. The wounded, of course, are to try to save their lives, but the KIA’s have a different reason that is just as intent.  The emotional bond between people who fight together with their lives on the line becomes so strong that leaving them would be like leaving a part of us there with them.  I believe that our Creator God has instilled in us that “love of brothers” that no one can explain.  Your Bible talks about this in connection with salvation.  One of the few times in God’s Word that is specific about God’s Will is the scripture that says “none would be lost.”  Just as we must bring back our brothers to a safe place, I believe that God’s Will for us is to reach out to our brothers and sisters with the Gospel to offer them all a safe place in Glory with Jesus for all eternity.

May we all be an example of Christ,

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