Greetings brothers and sisters
Well, we have had a busy fall and early winter. In November we were at several Veteran Day programs throughout the area. In Watertown we had one of the largest turnouts ever and the speaker made mention of the picture of our Honor Guard standing in the falling snow honoring a deceased veteran. This really shows what we are all about serving our fellow veterans who need assistance while they are living and honoring them when they have passed. For all our members have done, I thank you.
During November we also rang bells for the Salvation Army and we had our Color Guard march in the Watertown Lighted Parade. We also had a float in the parade and were co sponsors of the warming house at the Winter Wonderland in City Park. Thanks to all who took part in these activities. Our Honor Guard was also at several funerals.
In December we donated money to help several area veterans in need of assistance for food or utility assistance. We donated about $4,000 to aid needy vets. This is made possible because of the money we raise with our Elk raffle and other fund raisers. We will be selling elk tickets in January, so please support our raffle by selling tickets. We also had a Christmas party after our December meeting and will be having ice cream at our January meeting which is being brought by  one of our members in honor of his birthday. We had another very good year and we kept growing but it is getting a little harder as we lose some members. So we need to reach out to attract new members to the benefits of joining  our chapter or other chapters in the state. For this, I thank you!
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you at our next meeting.

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