We have been given so great a blessing from God for Him to choose to have us born in this great country where we have the right to speak our piece about our laws and rules.  With privilege however, comes responsibility.  If we don’t like the laws, we must speak up to our elected representatives.  Your Bible says that God determines who are in authority.  Sometimes we don’t agree with them, but that is where our rights to disagree and be heard come in.  If we don’t act on our privileges, then we should also not complain.  We must remember that the laws apply to the whole of our population, not just individuals.  We all know that there are problems in our government, but it is the best one there is.  Not only that, we served our country to protect our way of life, which includes our laws.

May God give us all strength and wisdom to stand for what we believe.
Chaplain Roger

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