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January 2017 General Meeting


Meeting called to order.  Prayer and pledge conducted.

Roll call of officers:  Bob Sebring, Treasurer absent

Chapter president welcomed guests and new members.

Secretary’s report – not available due to minutes were on the Treasurer’s laptop

Treasurer’s report – none

Membership report – 410 members, 46 associates and 1 pending

Honor guard report – nothing to report

Govt Affairs report – Phil reported on the State Veteran’s Council.  The representatives on the council were asked to poll their organizations on a proposal to the SD Legislature written by Senator Stace Nelson.  The proposal was to move the Secretary of Veterans Affairs position to another division of the House.  This means that the position would be an elected position vice an appointed position by the Governor.  Discussion and voting were held.  The vote was 38 for it being an elected position and 16 for the position to remain an appointed position.

Randy gave a report on the elk hunt.  510 tickets have already been sold with $4560 deposited.  The Brookings gun show was a success with ticket sales and 4 new members.  He expects the turnout at the Aberdeen gun show  2/4 & 5 to be a good opportunity to sell more tickets and get new members.  Volunteers are needed.  Everyone is encouraged to sell at least one book of tickets.

The Chapter president attended the VVA meeting held in Wash D.C. He reported that our Chapter was recognized for our membership

Other announcements:

Jack received several ‘thank you’ cards for Honor Guard services, Christmas gift cards and donations.

Gary Wergler promoted the upcoming ice fishing trip.  He currently has 14 names of interested individuals and is already taking names for next year.

The Commander of the American Legion put to rest the rumor that we had a plan to take over the Memorial Day Program from the Legion.  An email was sent out to all of the veteran organizations  that the VVA has no interest in taking on that task, but only be a participant as needed.

The Veteran Services Officer informed us that the contaminated water situation in Camp LeJune, NC which caused widespread disease to veterans and their families from 1954-1980 is now listed for possible compensation.  See Al Jantzen if you think you qualify.

Discussed the military license plates which will not be updated til 2019.  There is a $10 fee to switch styles.  You must relinquish your old plates before they will send you the new ones.  The plate will identify your branch of service, Vietnam Veteran, and the Campaign you served under.  The alternative is the Organizational plate.  They are available immediately for $15.  These are the ones where you put your VVA emblem on.

There are VVA coats still available.  Cost is $50 – $55.  See Don.

On February 4 there will be Valentines for Veterans at the Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls.

Old business:

Denny Solberg gave an update of the proposed veteran’s cemetery.  There will be discussion at the City Council meeting.  A robo-call will be set up to inform and encourage veterans to attend and show their support.

Kay Solberg announced that there are still tickets available for the Christmas party $15 each.  There is still time to drop off donations for the auction.

New business:

There is a Vietnam Veterans Reunion being held in Mitchell 2/23,24 & 25.  Don has information if anyone is interested.

Elizabeth from the Community Corner gave the VVA a donation of $864.  She also said the American Legion donated an electric wheelchair if anyone is in need of one.

April is election month.  All the officer positions are open, as well as 3 board of director positions.  Next meeting we will be appointing an Election Committee.

Sickness and health:

Dave Jerpseth’s wife, Gordy West’s wife, and Floyd Hermans

Leonard expressed his gratitude for all the prayers and cards he received during his illness.

Good of the order:

50/50 – $261/$130  (Al donated $60 back.)

66 members in attendance

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