“I am not a musician. My wife told me I had to come and see this. This was really incredible.”
Reluctant Spouse

“As an elementary Music Teacher, I found the time here with my students to be a great tool for future lessons. I can reference our tour and the many things we were taught as a way of building on their memories to learn more.”
Elementary Music Teacher

“To be able to hear the difference in tone qualities of the old instruments as it relates to composers and their work was very helpful for my piano students.”
Piano Teacher

“The quality of the wood and extensive manufacturing processes are amazing. To be able to construct a piano of this quality 150 years ago is astounding.”
Retired Factory Employee

“To be able to see how a piano works was really fun!”
Fifth Grade Student

“You inspire me to work at my art harder.”
85-year-old artist

“Mr. Misener’s collection is absorbing to one’s imagination in telling a human interest story of the ingenuity of the individual maker and the whims of fashion, not to mention a kind of recording of the sounds the composers and performers of the time could have heard.”
Retired Professor of Keyboard Studies

“Collections of a comparable scope are relatively rare in this country and it is very unusual that an exhibition of this significance should be offered.”
Museum Board Member